How would you describe your most recent CPD?
Proud to work with Dragonfly Training to deliver inspirational training across the UK, Europe and the world
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    INSET and Teacher Training
    Proud to work with Dragonfly Training to energise and motivate your staff with inspiring and effective INSET and training. Contact Dragonfly Training for any training need.
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    SLT Training & Consultancy
    Gain a reflective, critical understanding of the strengths and needs of your teachers, SLT and school with our 'stress-free' 360 Reviews and careful, considered consultancy.
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    Student Workshops
    Workshops and keynotes for students focused on improving learning habits, coping with the pressures of school and aiming for the highest standards.
 Free  RResources for teachers and leaders
Get the excellent '20 Ways to Improve Teacher Questioning and other FREE resources to share with your teachers and SLT.
If you need help implementing the improvements or embedding the skills, simply get in touch.
An Inspector Calls 2018 - Enquiry and Investigation
2018 update of an Enquiry Lesson about ultimate responsibility for Eva Smith's death