Full Day INSET

Leading an Outstanding English Department

How to make a startling success of the ‘hardest job in school’ – from someone who did just that!

Half Day INSET

Training Description

Course Aims

Focus on the importance of visionary English leadership – and how to sell your vision to the English team.  
Leading the English department is one of the most demanding roles in any school. With visionary leadership, strong organisation and clarity of purpose, you can make a startling success of the role, leading to exceptional student outcomes, outstanding teaching and a massive impact across the school. Leading an Outstanding English department is enormously rewarding, and can be a perfect springboard into SLT.
Are you new to English subject leadership and looking for the ideas, guidance and reassurance to make an outstanding success of ‘the hardest job in school’?
Are you looking to make your English team the beating heart of your school’s success story?
Are you ready to improve teaching, the curriculum and students’ achievement to become a truly outstanding English team?
This course is for new or aspiring English leaders, and gives you all the insights you need about leading a team of teachers, designing an outstanding curriculum, having a whole-school impact and maintaining a focus on the highest standards.
Receive practical advice on how to self-evaluate, plan improvements and establishing priorities and ‘non-negotiables’
Prepare to ‘win-over’ detractors and lead your team in inspiring meetings, INSET and classroom practice
Be ready to inspire your English team, the students and SLT leadership with your plans for an Outstanding English department.

Course Outline

Session 1
Establishing your vision
  • Building a team ethos of excellence
  • Selling the vision, and establishing the priorities
  • Curriculum mapping for continuity and excellence
  • Establishing your ‘non-negotiables’
Session 2
English Leadership in Practice
  • Self-evaluation,: celebrating strengths and acknowledging weaknesses
  • The importance of typicality – and how to assess it
  • Leading effective English team meetings - getting more out of them
  • Leading people – delegating, managing, reassuring and celebrating
Session 3
Whole School Impact
  • Getting noticed beyond the English team
  • ‘This is English’ – forget humility, build self-importance
  • Managing your line-manager and the headteacher
  • Top tips from someone who has ‘been there and done it